Our Mission

Creating memories and strengthening relationships is a human necessity. Sheps Culinary Creations  has been 

providing that for clients for over five years. Sheps was created to provide affordable, delicious food that families and 

friends could enjoy at any event. Sheps was founded on trust, integrity, and love. Making others feel important and valued 

was the core of our company. Because of our rapid growth, we not only wanted to create delicious food for 

people to enjoy, we wanted to provide a place where they could come and gather together. River Bridge Event Center

(RBEC) will provide a place where families, friends, and coworkers can make that happen. Coupled with Sheps Culinary 

Creations, River Bridge Event Center will be the place that people from all over will want to come and have their special

occasions because of the way they feel when they enter the building. RBEC will be the place where people will come and 

feel loved by the owners and staff, they will know their event is important and will have confidence that every detail will 

be taken care of in a kind professional manner. Clients will have confidence in their event, because of the trust and

integrity of the owners and staff. We believes that you can connect with people through good, made

from scratch food. When you can gather people together and create memorable food experiences, clients will leave with 

forever memories. RBEC will be that place. RBEC will be the venue that when people hear its name, they know it will 

be an unforgettable experience because of the love they feel, the service they receive, and the memories they walk away with. 



Ashley Shepherd grew up in mapleton, Utah where her love for food began with simply taking cookies to friends and neighbors every Sunday. She continued her education at Brigham Young University where she received a Bachelor's degree in family home and consumer science. She then went on to teach Culinary classes and successfully implemented the Pro Start Program at multiple schools. In 2012, Ashley launched Shep's Culinary Creations, a full-service caterer located in Spanish Fork, Utah. She is passionate about creating delicious food that brings people together for any occassion. Her team has developed hundreds of recipes that have been perfected to enhance the BLOX experience. She is the author of a book called Blissful Bites that has many of her favorite recipes. .More of her work is showcased at www.shepsculinarycreations.com


Natalie Mabey grew up in South Jordan, Utah. She spent many years in the entertainment industry as a recording artist and is passionate about  working with people. She is the mother to 4 children and enjoys horseback riding, singing, and working on their family farm. She also enjoys raising Australian Shepherds and running Mabey Family Ranch. Natalie has a passion for marketing, and has proven herself valuable in her ability to build social pages. especially  on social media and looks forward to bringing The River Bridge Event Center a fun engaged  community.


JC’s passion for cooking was inspired when he saw that people’s moods could be changed by simply eating great food.
His culinary career began in Texas while attending San Angelo University.
A local restaurant, Cork and Pig, is where he found his first kitchen prep job. JC fell in love with the restaurant lifestyle and worked his way up the ranks to Lead Sauté.
It became a goal to be educated in all styles and stages of cooking. The following few years he cooked between a food truck and country club. Fast finger food with tight working spaces on the truck to large catering events with eloquent dishes at the country club, JC found himself comfortable in any cooking environment.
In 2018, JC’s career moved to Colorado Springs where he began working for the former mayor of Woodland Park Colorado, Neil Levy. Neil owned two of the top restaurants in the area and hired JC on in both of them.
The Peppertree was known for their tuxedo table side cooking. JC suited up, prepared food and entertained the guests with his cooking and witty banter.
The Swiss Chalet was the second restaurant where JC became the Sous Chef. His responsibilities included creating new menu items and running the kitchen which he enjoyed.
A few years later, JC wanted to be nearer to family. Upon returning to Utah, he became a butcher as he wanted to learn more about the preparation of an animal.
JC has truly excelled and loved his journey as a chef and is bringing new knowledge and zest to Sheps!
You will LOVE his cookin!